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Bridal Lingerie Guide

A Basic Introduction to Bridal Corsets

What Katie Did produce high quality vintage style corsets which are perfect for bridal gowns 

What Katie Did Corsets are made traditionally with spiral steel boning. A Corset will take off 3-4 inches from your natural waistline. E.g. A natural 27 inch waist will wear a 22 inch Corset. This can vary from person to person as some people can take more inches off depending on how they fit a Corset.

Corsets should never be painful but they may feel fairly restricting. However, some women find them very comfortable, particularly those with large busts or lower back pain.

There are two types of Corsets which What Katie Did make, firstly there is the Overbust Corset. The Overbust Corset is long and will cover your bust. The Underbust Corset is shorter and sits under your bust line.

A Corset and your Wedding Dress

 Get fitted for What Katie Did Corsets in our London lingerie Boutique!

Corsets often work well underneath wedding dresses as they will give an extreme hourglass shape. However, it is important to work out if a corset will work with your gown. Firstly you need to check that the fabric of your wedding dress is heavy enough to cover the bones of the Corset and how low the back of your dress is. If the back of the dress is too low, the corset may be exposed. Both Underbusts and Overbusts can work with wedding dresses.

Overbusts are great if you would like support on your bust as well as your waist. What Katie Did offer a range of different bust lines including Sweetheart and straighter lines. Overbusts also are great for lingerie on your wedding night!

Underbusts will nip in your waist whilst still giving you lots of options for your bust. For example you can wear a Glamour Strapless Bra, a Bullet Bra or even your own Bras. Usually Brides find that wearing an underbust for a long amount of time is more comfortable than wearing a Overbust. Underbusts also tend to show up less underneath gowns.

What Katie Did's Portobello store is located just a minutes walk from Ladbrooke Grove station.

Buying your wedding lingerie before a fitting will insure the best fit. However, you are welcome to bring your dress instore to try with lingerie. In store we can give expert advice and assistance.

Corsets have to be laced up from the back every time they are used. In store we are able to lace you in and out of whatever corsets you would like to try. We are also able to teach you or a friend how to lace a corset.

 Photos by Katie Holt, Vintage Wedding Dress by Abigail’s Vintage Bridal, Modeling by Missy Fatale.  

London Boutique: What Katie Did, 26 Portobello Green, 281 Portobello Road, London, W10 5TZ
Tel: 0345 430 8943

Los Angeles Store: What Katie Did, 3420 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California, 91505 USA
Tel: 1 877 221 2472 or 1 818 955 7710 (from outside US)

Head Office:

What Katie Did,
Unit 8 The Old Mill, 61 Reading Road,
Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7HY

Tel: 0345 430 8743 or
+44 118 976 7676 (from outside UK)

Registered in England with company number: 05752881